The Treasure House Church
Warriors Men's Ministry
"Victorious warriors win first and go to war, while the defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
Mission Statement
Our mission is to positively affect each male that we come in  contact with.  To Train, Equip, and Empower a great army of males that can war against anything that tries to exalt itself above God or them.

"Yea, in all things we are more than conquerors." 
Romans 8:37
The Women's Ministry
The Women's Ministry consists of the Infirmity Bearers Ministry (I.B.M.), Lunch With Grace, and The Women's Prayer Breakfast. These Ministries add support to the spiritual growth and Biblical understanding of the Word for the Complete Woman of God.
Youth Ministry
Our Youth Ministry is divided up in to three groups, The House Youth Ministry, Vessels of Honor, and Little Vessels of Honor.  We are committed to educating a generation in the ways of God and preparing that generation to go out and do the work of the Ministry.
THC Outreach Ministry
The Treasure House participates in various Community Outreach programs, such as the Adopt A School Program, Project Santa Ana, and our newest Outreach Ministy Connection, Children's Hunger Fund
Student Ministries
The Treasure House offers several opportunities to get better aquainted with God's Word through our Student Ministries. We offer a New Members and Foundations Class, Theology Class, Leadership Training Class, and Bible Study for Adults and Youth.
Hospitality Ministry
The Hopitality Ministry is dedicated to operating in the Spirit of Excellence.
 "Philippians 4:8-9"

We are committed to expressing love and fellowship to every person who enters the doors of the Treasure House Church.  Our mission is to convey a welcoming atmosphere through the Love of The Holy Spirit. 

We look forward to greeting and serving you!